Mother's Day Luncheon | 7 May 2024 

Legacy hosted its annual Mother’s Day lunch at the Adelaide Pavilion, with 110 of our beneficiaries joining in the celebration. It was a heartwarming day filled with special moments, including a talk from our Club's President Legatee Rob Eley and fun prize giveaways. Congratulations to Leah, our youngest mother in the room on the day and to Kathleen, our oldest mother present at an incredible 102 years young, for winning the gift prizes!



ANZAC Day Luncheon | 24 April 2024 

Honouring our heroes: 140 Legacy beneficiaries gathered at Legacy's ANZAC Day luncheon held at the Adelaide Pavilion to pay tribute to all who have served and continue to serve. Legacy Youth Ambassador Catherine Heylen shared her inspiring journey as a Legacy youth, highlighting the invaluable support provided by Legacy after the loss of her father and how Legacy continues to support her as she moves into each new chapter of her life. 

We at Legacy also understand that ANZAC Day is a time to reflect and to honour all our loved ones who have worn our countries uniform in the name of service. As the saying is known “For everyone member that has served, there is a family that has served as well”.





Beneficiary March Luncheon | 27 March 2024 

Beneficiaries gathered to enjoy a delightful lunch and bask in the beautiful autumn weather while connecting with each other. We were grateful to have Lidia, the founder of Bedside Beauty & Wellness, as our guest speaker, sharing insights about the wide range of services her company offers. The event was a great success, engaging and informing our attendees in a meaningful way. The Adelaide Pavilion provided a delicious meal and impeccable service for all, leaving everyone looking forward to the next beneficiary luncheon.


Beneficiary February Luncheon | 28 February 2024

The February luncheon saw 117 beneficiaries come together for the first luncheon of the year held at the Adelaide Pavilion. We were thankful to have the wonderful team from APOD as our guest speaker on the day. The team spoke about the founding of the organisation through to its current day services.
APOD is an organisation run by veteran families for veteran families. They deliver exclusive offers across all industries to the Defence community through their membership. Reach out to APOD if you're interested or if you need further information. Thank you once again for presenting to our beneficiaries.

Christmas Luncheon | 5 December 2023

In 2023, we saw a record 235 Legacy beneficiaries come together to celebrate a fantastic year. Of those 235 people, two were over 100 years old with 102 being the oldest, which was incredible. The day was filled with vibrant chatter over a traditional Christmas lunch. 

Remembrance Day Luncheon | 8 November 2023

The Beneficiaries Luncheon in November observed a theme of Remembrance with Legacy President Rob Eley speaking about the history of Remembrance Day. Another focus was one of thanks for a former Legacy widow, Daphne Blue. Daphne was a member of the Walk & Talk Group and a long time member of Legacy Art Group and Marion Art Group. She was herself an accomplished artist. Sadly, Daphne passed away last year, aged 90. Her painting (pictured, with Vice President Heather Willis) has been kindly donated by her sons. We thank David and Adrian sincerely for this generous gift in memory of their mother, and our friend, Daphne. The painting will be hung prominently in the Legacy Office in Adelaide.

Veterans' Health Week Luncheon | 13 October 2023

As part of Veterans' Health Week, Legacy held a beneficiary Luncheon, welcoming around 70 attendees to the Adelaide Pavilion. This year's theme was Mental Wellness Matters, so it was fitting to have Narelle from Frontline Mental Health as our guest speaker, with colleague Matt Newlands also present. Narelle spoke about the importance of mental wellness and its positive effects on both individuals and within community.
Both Narelle and Matt have a long history of working within both the Military and First Responder communities and their passion for working within this space was on display throughout today’s luncheon. Thank you once again for coming along and presenting on such an important topic to our beneficiaries.

August Luncheon | 18 August 2023

For the August Luncheon, we welcomed around 100 Beneficiaries to the Adelaide Pavilion. We were grateful to have Julie Walker from A Stable Life Counselling Service as our guest speaker for the day who spoke about the services that they offer to those who struggle with anxiety and depression. We are so fortunate that our Beneficiaries have access to such a great service.


Executive Widows' Club Luncheon | 19 July 2023

Widows’ Club and Social Group office bearers alongside the Liaison Legatees were welcomed to the Adelaide Pavilion for the Executive Luncheon in July. Vice President Heather Willis was the guest speaker for the day and highlighted and thanked everyone for their hardwork and dedication.


Winter Wonderland Luncheon | 16 June 2023


Mother's Day Luncheon | 5 May 2023

We welcomed around 120 Beneficiaries to the Mother’s Day Luncheon at Torrens Parade Ground. We were excited to have Hayley Boswell founder of Defence Kidz as our guest speaker for the day. Hayley touched upon her own experiences of being a partner of a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Australian Navy and shared the importance of defence visibility in the community. She was inspiring and admirable.

Like previous Mother’s Day Luncheons, we played a little game to find out who is the oldest and youngest in the room. Of course, Hayley won by default as the youngest, but we had three 102 year olds in the room as our oldest which was incredible! 



ANZAC Day Luncheon | 21 April 2023

Around 90 Beneficiaries were welcomed to the Adelaide Pavilion for the ANZAC Day Luncheon. We were luckily enough to have AIRCDRE Adrian Maso AM Senior Defence Force Officer - Edinburgh Parks who was our guest speaker for the day.


International Women's Day Luncheon | 8 March 2023

To show our appreciation for the amazing women of Legacy, we welcomed over 70 beneficiaries to the International Women’s Day Luncheon at Adelaide Pavilion. The day celebrated the achievements of women, whilst understanding the challenges that still exists today. The luncheon also recognised and thanked all the women who have served as well as those who have lost a loved as a result of service.

We were honoured to have Commander Emma McDonald-Kerr as our guest speaker for the luncheon. She was inspiring, engaging, and entertaining as she talked about her journey from enlistment to her current role as Commander of Navy Headquarters here in South Australia.



Happy Hearts Luncheon | 15 February 2023

Legacy beneficiaries gathered at the Adelaide Pavilion on the park to enjoy their first luncheon of 2023.
Guest speaker President Rob Eley spoke and provided an overview insight to the many events that are coming up to celebrate Legacy’s centenary year. The beautiful gardens and warm weather provided the perfect backdrop for the beneficiaries who came together to enjoy a meal and reconnect with each other.


Chasers Christmas Luncheon | 6 December 2022

Annual Chasers Christmas Luncheon in 2022 saw a record 200 Legacy beneficiaries come together to celebrate the festive season. A fun filled day of chatter about holiday plans over a traditional Christmas feast. Santa came out to play and shared the joy of Christmas with gifts for everyone.