90 years ago we made a promise,
a promise to look after the families of our veterans.

We’re passionate that no dependant of a veteran—deceased or incapacitated—ever suffers from social or financial disadvantage.

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Donated funds are used in a variety of ways to support the unique needs of the families Legacy assists. This includes things like providing child care assistance to a widow so she can continue to go to work, help with school fees or social activities like gymnastics classes for a Junior Legatee, or provide meals for kids at local Legacy Youth Camps held annually.



Target amount: $2,147,483,647.00

Amount raised: $34,657.92

In Memory of or In Lieu of Flowers


Author: Amanda Carragher

Target amount: $2,147,483,647.00

Amount raised: $13,814.00

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Join the Legacy Club of South Australia and Broken Hill to help support families of veterans.



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There has never been a more important time to support Legacy with our fundraising.   20% of every Entertainment Membership goes directly to the  Legacy Club of South Australia and Broken Hill Inc.


Author: Kim Manning

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3,733 Beneficiaries
(3,569 Widow/ers, 98 Children, 66 Persons with Disabilities)

349 Legatees (Volunteers)

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    Legacy cares for the families of Australian Defence Force men and women who have lost their lives or their health as a result of their service. Read more

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