Legacy is a unique Australian voluntary not-for-profit charity, an organisation dedicated to enhancing the lives of families of our Australian Defence Force veterans who have served in war, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions and who have sadly died or become incapacitated either during war or subsequently.

Legacy was founded in 1923 by a group of World War I veterans. Their ideals of mate-ship engendered by front line service led them to recognise the need for an organisation to help the widows and children of their comrades who did not survive.

Since then, Legacy has protected the basic needs of individuals and families by; advocating for entitlements, rights and benefits; assisting families coping with bereavement and helping people thrive despite their adversity and loss; providing care and support to the families (widows, widowers, children, and disabled dependents) of our incapacitated and deceased veterans.

Legacy provides a range of social activities and essential services and support such as education expenses and dental care for children and youth, holiday respite, home maintenance, assistance with utility bills, advice and assistance with claiming pensions, financial counselling, legal advice, and much more.

The youth support Legacy provides is often critical and can make a real difference in the chances a young person has of a successful career and in life in general, chances which are often diminished.

Legacy helps families, not just in the short term - Legacy is there for life; currently caring for around 50,000 widow(er)s, and 2,000 children and disabled dependants throughout Australia.

Since Federation, more than 102,000 Australian servicemen and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice in theatres of operation around the world. Many others returned wounded - either physically or emotionally - from their exposure.

Over 72,000 Australians have served overseas since 1991 with the Australian Defence Forces involvement in conflicts such as East Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas of operational services, means that Legacy’s task of supporting young families with children will be required well into the future.

Today, Legacy needs to raise over 95% of its own income to fund its services. Some assistance is received from the State Government; however, most of our funds are raised from general donations, bequests, events and appeals.