I will be climbing a 4-6m rope.

Approx 1800 reps.

Approx 8000 calories will be burnt.

Reason for doing it? I am always looking to mentally & physically improve & challenge myself, you see & hear about all these amazing human feats around the world that people say is impossible until someone does it, I am also a bit nuts and want to see just how far I can mentally & physically push myself. (its me versus me)

I have always wanted to create or achieve a record of great calibur and at the same time raise money for a great cause like Legacy.

I am very nervous & excited at the same time, This is not going to be a quick record it's going to be long, slow, & painful.

Some of the sayings that will keep me going are:

- One Day Starts Today.
- You can't weather the storm! I am the storm.
- I'm not amazing at climbing a rope... I am just really good at suffering.

Luke Williams