A different kind of Legacy Week, one nobody has seen before...

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Legacy Week is an iconic Australian appeal  established over 60 years ago, to raise awareness and funds for the families of veterans who  gave their life or their health in service to our country. 

Our volunteer pool for Legacy's Badge Collection typically involves

  • Legacy widow/er(s) and families
  • Legatees
  • The Australian Defence Force (ADF)
  • Australian Army, Navy and Airforce Cadets
  • School students
  • and other volunteers

These volunteers all play a vital role in supporting Legacy Week, predominately with face to face donation collections on the streets of South Australia and Broken Hill.

However, Legacy Week 2020 will look quite different to previous years, given the current climate nationally and around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Unfortunately, our streets will be looking a lot barer during Legacy Week 2020.  There will be NO street appeal in CBD, metropolitan or regional areas i.e no collection of donations or selling of badges and other merchandise to members of the public by our strong cohort of volunteers.  Despite this, we will still be shining the spotlight on Legacy's continued importance in assisting veterans' families in their time of need!

Instead of rattling tins and collecting gold coin donations, we will be active online to raise awareness of Legacy, especially through social media and traditional media coverage.

It is without a doubt that the global pandemic has proven to be difficult for us all, but it has been especially hard for our veterans' families.

How you can get involved this Legacy Week

We won't be out on the streets rattling tins this Legacy Week but there are still lots of ways to support us.  This year we have a Virtual Badge Appeal, where you can get a virtual badge to add to your social media profile to show your support for Legacy Week.

Our Legacy Badges may be small, but the funds they raise make a big impact.

Help us support the families of our veterans and buy a badge this Legacy week.

If you can donate, we would greatly appreciate it.  If you would like to purchase Legacy Week Merchandise, please visit our Shop

Veterans’ families still need your support now more than ever!

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