Remembrance Walk 2020

Show our veterans and their families they are not forgotten, give an hour of your day to say "Thank You"

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With many of our fundraising events cancelled this year, we are inviting you to please support our Legacy Families in a different way; for our 2020 Remembrance Walk we have two options to get you walking and raising funds for Legacy.

Join us at the Torrens Parade Ground on Friday 6 November for a 1.5km walk, following the Australian Light Horse Brigade along the path of the Anzac Memorial Walk stopping at the Dardenelles Memorial to lay a wreath for our fallen


Sign up for our Virtual to walk any time in November. Walk in your local park, beach or favourite trail. Do it alone, with your family, friends or workplace.   Take the challenge walk 11kms by the 11th of the 11th!

The 2019 Legacy SA & BH hit a huge milestone, celebrating 90 years of service and support to families of Australian Defence Force veterans. 

This inaugural event saw 4 year old Charlotte, who lost her father in tragic circumstances when she was 2 and Mrs Phyllis Schmidt, 94, commence the walk by untying the Legacy ribbon at the start line. 


The money spent played a big part in the 2019 service provisions of items as follows:

73 holidays provided at Legacy’s holiday cottages

82 Utility Grants proved

45 Bus trips

60 Education Grants

86 appointments facilitated for Legal and Financial counselling