Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Legacy, good luck with your fundraising and participation in the 2019 Westpac City-Bay Fun Run Presented by Sunday Mail.

If you already have an account with Everyday Hero then please Log in to create your new fundraising page.  If you don’t have an account please see instructions below to create an online fundraising page.

Please click on the link  then click the START FUNDRAISING button which will take you to "Create Your Fundraising Page".

Your Page Title can be anything from your name to something like “I’m running the extra mile for Legacy” etc and set your goal.

Where it says Charity; start typing “Legacy” until you see “LEGACY AUSTRALIA INCORPORATED”, click on Legacy Australia Inc

Complete the rest of the details to sign up, if you have created a fundraising page previously you can just sign in or you can sign in with facebook if you are on social media.  Then click create with facebook or email button.